Residential Duct Cleaning

When you choose Mr. Power Clean, you are choosing us for…

1. Experience

Mr. Power Clean has been cleaning commercial and residential air duct systems for over 50 years. Through those years of experience we have learned how to successfully clean the heating and air conditioning systems in any size or configuration of building.

2. Training and NADCA Certification

At Mr. Power Clean, we make sure that our technicians understand every facet of our service. Our Lead Technicians work as assistants for an average of 3 years before performing cleanings. In addition, all of our technicians have completed the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) Ventilation Maintenance Technician (VMT) training.

3. Complete System Cleaning

When you hire Mr. Power Clean to clean your heating and air conditioning systems, we clean the entire system. Our standard service includes cleaning the diffusers and registers, the supply air ducts, the return air ducts, the plenums, AC coil (if present) and blower compartment. When we are done, we will provide you with before and after pictures so you will be confident the job was done right!

4. Equipment

Our custom built vacuum trucks ensure that we have the optimum suction power for every job. This enables us to clean air duct systems more efficiently and more thoroughly than companies that use portable electric vacuums, saving us time and you money. In addition, our truck mounted vacuums are capable of placing your entire home’s HVAC system under negative pressure. This means that all of the dust and debris will stay inside your ducts during the cleaning process, ensuring that we don’t make a mess in your home!

5. We Respect Our Customers

We demonstrate our respect by laying drop cloths over floors, placing corner guards between walls and hoses, wearing booties over our shoes and by moving carefully through your home and taking every precaution we can to make sure we don’t damage anything. Our goal is to leave your home cleaner when we leave then it was when we arrived.