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The Truth About Disinfection

Posted on Dec 3, 2020 by

While sanitizing and disinfecting ductwork seems like a no-brainer to the untrained consumer — especially in light of guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) about airborne transmission of the coronavirus — what, exactly, constitutes disinfecting and sanitizing ductwork? Mark Zarzeczny, ASCS, CVI, NADCA President, has seen online advertising for sanitizing and disinfecting ductwork — […]

5 Tips for Reducing Allergens Inside the Home

When it comes to allergies, most people think of their home as a haven where they can escape their symptoms. Unfortunately, houses, apartments, and even office buildings harbor indoor allergens of their own. Through normal occupation, dust, air pollutants, and other contaminants collect in a home. Regardless of how often or thoroughly it is cleaned, […]

“The Survey Says!”

A survey conducted by The American Lung Association (ALA) & Seventh Generation, a household and personal care products company found that 68 percent of Americans are unaware of the potential health risks associated with poor indoor air quality.  “Many Americans may be surprised that indoor air quality (IAQ) can harm their family’s health,” said ALA […]

Avoid The Scams

Consumers should beware of “blow-and-go” air duct cleaning companies. These companies often charge a nominal fee and do a poor job of cleaning the heating and cooling system. These companies may also persuade the consumer to pay for unneeded services with and/or without their permission. Consumers are told they have mold and other toxic substances […]